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BC Vineyard For Sale - Basque Vineyard

Thompson Valley's Basque Vineyard

    Photo used under Creative Commons from Zest-pk
Basque Vineyard at Thompson Valley near Ashcroft B.C. was once a flourishing vineyard. The land parcel at Basque Vineyard is most ideal for the cultivation of grapevines; with well-drained sandy loam soil, south facing wind-swept slope, mild spring and hot dry summer climate. There were many varieties fo grapes planted at Basque Vineyard some three decads ago. An unexpected frost in 1985 devasted the grapevines that once trived at Basque Vineyard. Read the story here posted by the grand-son of Basque Vineyard's owner Bill Drinkwater.

Can Basque Vineyard at Thompson Valley be brought back to its glorious days when it was producing the finest qualify Chardonnay some 27 years ago?

Can modern day technology and vineyard management prevent winter kills and frosts that may damage a new crop of grapevines to be planted at Basque Vineyard? View Basque Vineyard listing details. There is a water pump system that is installed and can produce over 150 gallons of water per minutes for irrigation.

Vineyards in Okanagan Valley

Demand for British Columbia wine will continue to outpace supply until new vineyard plantings are mature enough to produce quality fruits for wine production. The average vineyard size in British Columbia is approximately 15 acres. This figure is slightly skewed to account for many small vineyards and a few very large ones.

If you want to buy land/property to start a new vineyard, where do you look? And, how do you know it is the right site and size for your vineyard? Is it the RIGHT TYPE of land for a new vineyard! Sunlight is one of the most important consideration when choosing your site for a vineyard. You should ensure that your grapevines will get enough sunshine to grow and produce the best quality fruits.

Growing grapes in the Thompson Valley

Basque Vineyard at Thompson Valley near Ashcroft has ideal climatic condtion for a vineyard. The valley experiences dramatic changes in the seasons, with wet cold winters, mild springs, hot, dry summers, and hazy autumns. You can get advice from vineyard consulatants who are familiar with the climate condition in Okanagan/Thompson Valley, and select the grape varieties that are growing well in the area. Most vineyards plant a few grape varieties, and over time make adjustment to increase planting more of those that  are most suited to their sites. 

Basque Vineyard - all the attributes of the finest vineyard is here! Click here to view listing info.

Position of the vineyard and altitude

Basque Vinyard is located on a gentle, south facing slope high above the Thompson River. The valley experiences constant wind drainage which is ideal for a vineyard. Most grapes are sensitive to frost. Frost resistant varieties should be planted to minimize crop lost due to winter kills and frosts damage.

Basque Vineyard has a climate unique to its site, and this has to be carefully considered when planning your vineyard  to achieve maximum production.   How do you plan your trellis to take advantage of the wind condtion at this site? What you need to know about pest control? Snow in the winters? How much snow? Frost in the spring? You need to take all this into considerations when evaluating how best to cultivate your grapevines at Basque vineyard!

You also need to take in to account sun angle. At what direction the sun rises where does the sun set on your vineyard? What is the slope of the property and how you can plant your vines so you get the right exposure to the sun for your vines to grow with maximum potential and quality? A sloping property can be planted on, but you need to plan for the machinery so the vines can be reached and worked on!

Labour of love!

Owning and operating a  vineyard is involved constant caring and tending to the your grapevines. There are a lot to learn about your vineyard's micro climate and fine tune your crop management techniques. The changing seasons, weather patterns, insects and pest control are all part of the challenges in producing the finest crop from your vineyard.

It will take take four to five years before you crops are producing economic quatity of grapes. The reward can be very satisfying. You could be the proud owner of your very own unique brand of wine. Vineyards hold their value well - even if the winemaking isn't as successful. You will benefit owing a vineyard - as the land and property will increase in value many folds. For more info about this property, kindly contact James Wong via email.

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