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The Downtown Vancouver condos are located mainly in the neighborhoods around the city core, Coal Harbour, False Creek North, Westend and False Creek South where the Olympic Village is being built.

Currently,there are around 1,535 condos listed for sale in the above mentioned neighborhoods. Over 50% of these condos are under 5 years old, those under 2 years account for around 532 units... this is one-third active listings at the above neighborhoods!  

Great Selection Of Condos

Compared with 2007, condo buyers now have incredible choices. As a buyer, you can shop and look for the best deal possible. What a far cry from the hectic buying frenzy that took place the past few years! There are some great opportunities for condo buyers who are looking to buy their homes in the near future. Most buyers are ranking price, location and view as important factors in their search for the right condos.

Should you buy a downtown Vancouver condos?

This depend on your situation. The attraction of owning a downtown Vancouver condo is the proximity to your place of work (if you work in the city). You save commuting time and may even ditch owning a car to get around the city. For investors, rental rates for condos are higher than the neighboring municipalities. It is a matter of personal choice and your circumstances that dictate whether it is better for you to own a downtown Vancouver condo. condos

For many people, condo living in Downtown Vancouver is a lifestyle choice... they enjoy the many social events, entertainments, shopping and weekend activities around Downtown Vancouver.

Alternative Condo Choices

The rapid transit system and the soon to be operational Richmond Skytrain system will improve commuting time from Richmond or Burnaby to downtown Vancouver. But, it will still a 5 days a week routine, and 20 to 45 minutes commuting to and from work.

Condo prices especially the new condos in Burnaby and Richmond are not much cheaper than those in Vancouver. However, Burnaby and Richmond do offer amenities like lockers and parking stalls for new condos sold there. These amenities may have to be scarified as the cheaper and smaller condos in Vancouver City are sold without parking stalls and lockers. A condo owner who needs a parking stall may rent one at around $130 to $150 a month. 

The myth that downtown Vancouver condos are too expansive?

You will be surprised to learn that there are many one bedroom new or almost new condos available for sale in Downtown Vancouver downtown at the $500 per sq ft price range.

Spectrum Development by Vancouver award winning Developer, Concord Pacific successfully added some 900 condos at very affordable prices Vancouver City's housing stock. Click here to read the story behind the development of Spectrum. Concord Pacific, Costco and the City of Vancouver all worked together to make the Spectrum Development a huge success.

You can buy a new or near new 600 sq ft one bedroom + den condo at Spectrum at just below $500 per sq ft. Currently available for sale is a 655 sq ft one bedroom + den condo on the 15th floor. The listing price of this condo at $329,000 works out to an incredible price of $502 per sq ft. When this condo is sold, the sale price will likely be under $500 per sq ft.

If you don't want to miss out on this opportunity, call me now at 604-721-4817 for viewing. This condo will not last long. Someone will beat you to it!

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